Brought Together In Christ

My friend, Gina De Luca, told me that she was rereading the Book of Romans and really seeing it through a fresh set of eyes. This caused me to reread Romans and I wrote this song as an effort to capture some of the themes of that great book.


There are forces
That pull our world apart
Sinful energy
Tearing at our hearts
We could fall so far so fast
Were it not for Christ’s love unsurpassed
By faith we’re given life
By grace, we’re brought together in Christ

We are called
To use our gifts for him
Though we differ
It’s for his will we serve
We can choose to not conform
Stand by Christ, through Satan’s storm
By faith we’re free from strife
By grace, we’re brought together in Christ

Free from sin
Free from death
No more can the law condemn

Give our bodies
As living sacrifice
Please God
With how we live our lives
It’s a spiritual act to worship him
Transform our minds through his sweet word
We know he paid the price
We know
We’re brought together in Christ