Clothed with Hope

My Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I wanted to write a message of hope for him. We played this song at his funeral.


Clothed with hope
For a new tomorrow free of pain
Where your life can start anew again
Release the burdens that restrained your soul
Still the waters with new calm
Fill your reservoir with love so whole
Your spirit consoled
In God

Clothed with hope
That the Cross has freed you from your sins
That our Saviors love will bring you in
We’ve found the meaning of your short time here
Found the way to soothe your spirit
Only faith could make your path so clear
Your heart so pure
And still

Clothed with hope
Jesus greets you on the other side
That his holy arms are open wide
The way, the truth, the life, has been the key
He has a room prepared for thee
Faithful service will now set you free
This is Christ’s guarantee