He Talked To Grandma



He couldn’t wait to talk to Grandma
There was big news about his life
The woman that he loved
Had agreed to be his wife
He always talked to Grandma
At least once a week for years
He would tell her everything
All his hopes his dreams and fears

He told her of his problems
He told her of his plans
And Grandma always listened
As the boy became a man

Grandma always listened
She was always there to hear
It seemed like his whole life
Had been spoke into her ear
But today was different
Not an ordinary day
Couldn’t wait to talk to Grandma
And he planned what he would say

Grandma I’m getting married
The wedding is in June
I have so many things to do
The big day will be here soon

Grandma, Grandma

The wet grass beneath his knees
Had soaked through his jeans
And his mind ran through the times
He’d told Grandma of his dreams
He stood up brushed his pants off
And holding back the tears
He left the place that Gram had been
For more than twenty years

He never really knew her
She passed when he was two
She didn’t have much time with him
To do what Grandmas do

But she’d told him as a baby
Bouncing on her knee
If you need someone to listen child
Come and talk to me

Grandma, Grandma
Grandma, Grandma