Girl I Love You

The melody of this was written back in the 90’s when I used to write silly songs with my friends. I wrote the lyric much later and eventually recording this shameless love song. I was trying to write a love song for my wife.


Girl, I love ya
You were really quite a find
Yes girl, I love ya
And can’t get you out of my mind

I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you
Each day I love you more
I love you when you’re close and I touch you
Each year is better than the one before

Hush and bear a child for me
Our seeds of love form a legacy
Your hair is soft to my fingertip
Come close into my heartfelt grip
Yes, I love ya
Girl, I love ya

Girl, I love ya
Don’t wanna live a day with out you
Yes girl, I love ya
I know you feel the same way too

Your down to earth way is inviting
It stirs up something inside
And when I go to put it in writing
I find that our love is oh so right

As long as the world keeps turning
As long as the sun is burning
You can depend on me earning
All my love from you
Yes, I love ya
Girl, I love ya